I’ve just finished watching a great documentary called From Bedroom to Billions, all about the birth (and ultimate demise) of the UK games industry.  For viewers of a certain age, like myself, it was a great trip down memory lane with the old machines and games of my youth. What was very interesting was how quickly the hobbyists grew into big businesses and the introduction of fairly obvious (by today’s standards) concepts like licensing popular film and TV shows and product artwork in the early 80’s.  Programmer’s really were…Continue Reading “From Bedroom to Billions: The UK Video Games Industry”

This year I’ve been trying to introduce some agile  / kanban techniques to the team at Coredis.  We are in the main a distributed work force, with staff on based on client sites and working across multiple locations.  Whilst we have a well-established toolkit of applications to work together (Slack messaging, Google Apps, Skype) – the one thing that was missing was a centralised and visual means of showing projects and tasks – an online kanban board. We’ve been using Kanbanise this year but there was still…Continue Reading “Trello for “simple” Kanban”

One of my guilty pleasures is watching The Apprentice, although I know it will result in some serious telly-shouting when my patience with these strutting, attention-seeking peacocks runs out, leaving me a frothing mess of expletives….brilliant fun.  BBC One, 9pm – been counting down the hours all day. ……except tonight I’ve missed it.  I nipped down to the Bat Cave to catch up the stuff I’ve missed today after being on a client site all day, buried myself a little too deeply in some admin and…Continue Reading “The Apprentice 2015”

Like many long time GTD‘ers I’ve flip flopped my way through various systems looking for the slickest system to manage my many projects and other commitments.  A seemingly constant theme is the digital v analogue debate.  Try a quick google search to see how common a topic it really is. I’m not going to dwell on the relative merits of each but I will mention one scenario where electronic just does not work for my business – I can’t fire up my iPad during meetings for note taking and actions capture….Continue Reading “Analogue to Digital Productivity”

This one has been driving me nuts – hanging wireless sessions, but only seen on my Macbook Air.  Full signal bars, but surfing grinds to a halt and pings show unreachable making sessions unusable The fix that worked for me can be found here  but in short it’s a deletion of preferences files to force recreation. This is a last resort, many other users have reported success by refreshing DHCP lease and setting MTU to 1483 from the auto size of 1500. This didn’t work for…Continue Reading “Fixed (hopefully) ongoing and annoying wireless Macbook issues”